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We produce formaldehyde-free Brazilian Keratin Treatments. WHAT MAKES THE HAIR STRAIGHT? The
combination between acid pH and a blend of vegetable proteins softens the natural fibers that form the hair. Also, the heat contact (termo-activated memory) promotes realignment, volume reduction, instant shine, and 0% frizz – straight effect.
Easy application: the rinse process happens before ironing the hair, which means no smoke effect or steam;
Formaldehyde-free smoothing treatment: you will not suffer from allergic reactions such as eye-watering and redness;
Compatible with any chemical treatment; No hair color fading;
Ideal for bleached/blonde/white hair as it contains violet pigments that avoid yellowish on hair.
It reduces 90% of blow dry time after treatment; Lasts up to 120 days on hair (average 90 days) QOD Cosmetics was the pioneer in the manufacturing of organic keratin and nowadays we ship our goods to 56 countries around the world; that brings us know-how and knowledge on cosmetic trends.