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Frequently asked questions BEFORE buying QOD 30 Days Straight Effect

What’s the difference between QOD 30 Days Straight Effect and other Brazilian Keratin Treatments?
QOD 30 DAYS STRAIGHT EFFECT is a Brazilian Smoothing treatment, composed of the original brazilian keratin and a blend of acid proteins, which act only on hair cuticles, softening fibers that give form to the hair shaft, promoting volume reduction, 0% frizz – natural straight effect – and instant shine. Regular Brazilian blowouts, on the other hand, contain a low concentration of ingredients, at many times uncompatible with hair historic or containing formaldehyde or glutaraldehyde, highly toxic and prohibited by ANVISA (The Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency). These agents modify the internal structure of the hair shaft, creating an instant beauty effect, but over time also damaging its proteic mass, causing hair dryness and loss.

Who can use QOD 30 Days Straight Effect (including pregnant women)?
QOD 30 DAYS STRAIGHT EFFECT can be applied to all kinds of hair that need a smoothing effect treatment. This product does not contain any prohibited ingredient during pregnancy, however, as a cosmetic treatment, it must be authorized by your obstetrician. The same rule applies to any cosmetic product used during this period of time.

Is this product considered a hair treatment or a Brazilian blowout?
QOD 30 DAYS STRAIGHT EFFECT is a straight effect hair treatment. It contains the characteristics of a hair treatment with the ingredients that ensure hair realignment.

Are there any side effects to QOD 30 Days Straight Effect?

QOD 30 Days Straight Effect doesn’t have side effects like conventional straightening treatments. Furthermore, the treatment properties of this product prevent several hair problems (dryness, split ends, color fading).

Is this a formaldehyde-free product?
QOD 30 Days Straight Effect is not classified as a straightening treatment, but a deep hair treatment that promotes straight effect for 30 days. This way, it does not contain chemistry and harmful ingredients, including ones like formaldehyde.

How does QOD 30 Days Straight Effect smoothes hair?
The combination between acid pH and a blend of vegetable proteins softens the natural fibers that form hair. Also, the heat contact (termo-activated memory) promotes realignment, volume reduction, instant shine and 0% frizz – straight effect.

Can I touch-up roots using this product?
QOD 30 Days Straight Effect boosts other chemical straightening treatments. It can be used for root touch-up, but unlike chemical treatments, it does not break up chemical bonds, only softens them, temporarily straightening it.

How much does this product yield?
QOD 30 Days Straight Effect 250ml yields 3 to 5 applications average (depending on the hair length). For shoulder-length hairstyles, the recommended volume is 40ml.

What if I’m unhappy the product results?
QOD 30 Days Straight Effect has no chemical agents, so you can apply it as many times as needed, waiting 48 hours before washing hair. In other words, if for some reason you’re unhappy with the results of the first application, you may try to reapply it until you get best results. That’s a great advantage over similar treatments, and for us it’s what defines the product as an absolute success.

What’s the result of QOD 30 Days Straight Effect on afro hair?
QOD 30 Days Straight Effect contains a balanced formula, which can be applied to all types of hair (hair structures), allowing different results. The product delivers great volume reduction and frizz control on the first application, but for the best result, 2/3 of our afro hair users reapply it a second or third time (remember, it yields 3 to 5 applications).

Will my hair turn yellow or dry like other straightening treatments?
If applied correctly, respecting step by step, pause time and complete rinse off (until the water is clear) before blow drying and heat straightening hair, there’s no risk of side effects like these. Such effects are caused by the following equation: use of excessive product (no rinse) + flat ironing. It burns the proteins of the product, giving a yellowish and dry aspect to hair. QOD 30 Days Straight Effect also contains color protecting agents.

Can my highlighted hair turn yellow?
No. QOD 30 Days Straight Effect contains color protecting active ingredients, which protect and neutralize yellowish tones from hair, giving platinum reflexes to highlights.

I had my hair chemically straightened a long time ago, but it is still very porous and elastic. Can I use QOD 30 Days Straight Effect?
Your hair still needs lipidic replacement (protein mass) before using the product. We suggest the use of keratin-based products to make your hair firmer and less elastic, like QOD City Keratin 300ml.

I had my hair chemically straightened a few months ago. Can I use QOD 30 Days Straight Effect?
Yes, you can, as long as your hair is healthy, without accentuated loss. Hair issues like this won’t allow you to apply any realignment hair treatment containing high or low pH. QOD City Keratin 300ml is a great option to solve this problem.

Can it be used on children’s hair?
QOD 30 Days Straight Effect can be applied to all kinds of hair. It does not contain any prohibited component for children, but ANVISA’s (The Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency) rules do not allow us to promote/suggest/sell this product to children.

Frequently asked questions BEFORE using QOD 30 Days Straight Effect

How to apply QOD 30 Days Straight Effect?
1 – Before applying the product, wash hair twice using QOD City Purify Shampoo.
2 – Apply QOD City 30 Days Straight Effect to wet hair, respecting 1 cm away from roots.
3 – Leave it on for 30 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly with water.
4 – Blowdry it and finalize using a flat iron on small hair sections. Wait 48 hours before washing hair.
5 – For best results, also use QOD 30 Days Shampoo and Conditioner.
PS: QOD 30 Days Straight Effect contains thermal-active agents, which means that 2 minutes of blowdrying with the product applied equal 20 minutes of conventional blowdrying.

Can I use another brand of anti-residue shampoo?
QOD City Purify Shampoo is pH balanced, which allows the deposit of QOD 30 Days Straight Effect nutrients into hair. When using another brand’s shampoo, you may reduce the hair’s capacity to retain nutrients, diminishing its efficiency and longevity.

Can I leave this mask acting on hair for longer than indicated?
QOD 30 Days Straight Effect contains nano-sized molecules, which favours penetration into hair fibers. There’s no performance loss if you leave the product on hair for a longer amount of time, as long as the other steps are followed correctly. Don’t forget to rinse off hair completely, until the water is clear and there’s no more vestiges of product on hair.

After the pause time, can I wash hair with shampoo/conditioner before flat ironing it?
No. When shampooing your hair, you may loose product performance as well as product nourishment. The correct step is to rinse off only using warm water, removing the product completely, until the water is clear. It ensures a perfect performance before flat ironing hair.

Do I apply QOD 30 Days Straight Effect before or after coloring hair?
You should always apply hair coloring products before treatments like this, with 10-15 days gap between each other. This way, you prevent performance loss of both treatments.

Can I blowdry hair with a warm or hot air jet, insted of a cold air jet?
No. The warm or hot air jet must be used only after rinsing off hair. If you don’t own a cold-air jet hair dryer, there are 2 ways to apply the product (with/without a blowdryer): 1. 10 minutes pause, and then more 10 minutes using a cold-air jet. 2. 30 minutes pause, without cold-air jet. Several users reported us saying that the 2nd method had better results than the first one.

Why should I apply QOD 30 Days Straight Effect respecting 1 cm away from roots?
This product contains a very high concentration of proteins, which may cause oily roots within the following days.

Is it mandatory to finish the applying process by blowdrying and flat ironing hair?
Yes, you can, but you won’t get the best results. This way, will only get your hair nourished.

How many times should I run the flat iron over each section of hair?
After rinsing and drying hair, you have to run the flat iron 7 to 10 times over small sections, waiting 48 hours until the next wash.

The majority of smoothing treatments interfere on the absorption of moisturizing agents, causing hair thinning. Does it also happen with QOD 30 Days Straight Effect?
No. QOD 30 Days Straight Effect does not contain aldehydes, which are present in most smoothing treatments, causing problems like this.

Can I apply a combing cream after rinsing this product off (before brushing and flat ironing hair)?
No. Combing creams may affect the product’s pH stability, which interferes on its performance. Never use products during/after rinsing off.

There’s an online tutorial saying that after applying the product, I should wait for 10 minutes and then blowdry hair with cold air jet for 10 more minutes, or wait 30 minutes without blowdrying it. Are both options correct?
Yes. As some users get confused about the air jet blowdrying temperature, we created a second method, which requires single 30 minutes pause time, without blowdrying.

After rinsing and before flat ironing hair, can I brush it and not only dry it?
In fact, that’s exactly what you should do. We recommend using a round brush while blowdrying before flat ironing hair, as it smoothes the process, enhancing the straight effect.

Recently, I’ve had hair loss problems, because of keratin treatments containing formaldehyde. It’s been a year since the last time I applied straightening treatments like these, so the hair loss is controlled. Can I apply QOD 30 Days Straight Effect?
Yes! QOD 30 Days Straight Effect does not contain any chemical component that may cause hair breakage or loss. Apply it according to our directions and get strong, shiny and naturally straight hair – without frizz – for 30 days!
I bought QOD 30 Days Straight Effect for my mom. She has white hair roots. Is it better to color hair before or after using this product? She’s afraid that the product will bleach her hair.
Always color hair first! White hair needs a 5-7 days gap between coloring and applying QOD 30 Days Straight Effect. This way, the artificial pigments will be fixed and the product is gonna work like a protection film, promoting intense shine, softness and straight effect, without frizz.

Frequently asked questions AFTER using QOD 30 Days Straight Effect
After washing my hair for the first time, it smells bad. Is it normal?
QOD 30 Days Straight Effect may cause a chemical reaction on fragile hair when in contact with water, releasing sulfur. According to our raw material suppliers, this happens only from 0,5% to 1% of all applications. Reminder: the bad smell disappears normally between the first and second wash after product use.

Can I use QOD 30 Days Straight Effect every 15 days?
Yes. QOD 30 Days Straight Effect only accumulates benefits for your hair. You can apply it on smaller gaps than 30 days.


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